We have a transparent and pragmatic approach. We organize trainings and seminars. We develop custom made publications and presentations.


Fahm Institute is an independent organization  that aims for better understanding (Fahm in Arabic) about Islam and Islamic related issues. We aim to provide in both academically and accessible information about Islam as well as in a deeper insight of Islam for governmental institutions, social organizations, mosques and individuals.  Knowledge will lead to a better understanding of today’s most debated religion. Knowledge and understanding are key in making the right decisions in the process of e.g. policy making, teambuilding, international business and teaching.

What we do

The main office of Fahm Institute is situated in the Netherlands. Our projects however are not restricted to this area. Our network reaches from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur and from London along Cairo to the West Coast USA and Canada. We provide lectures and custom made seminars on international conferences and other events.

Aside providing lectures and seminars, Fahm Institute publishes translations of historical and contemporary interesting Islamic texts as well as new books, such as 99 Historical Muslim Women in Dutch. We hope to publish an English translation soon and translations into other languages will follow later. If you are interested, keep an eye on our website for upcoming releases or follow us on Facebook. The publishing branche of Fahm Institute is supported by The Crowd.

Fahm supports with the help of the crowd social projects and innovative and positive initiatives like the ‘Happy Dutch Muslims’ movie clip and the book 99 Historical Muslim Women. If you are interested to support one of our projects, translations or books we would be very happy to receive  your contribution. Information about donation can be requested at

Our expertise includes
  • Islam & Gender
  • Islamic Jurisprudence (Usul al-Fiqh) & Law (Shari’a)
  • Muslim Women & Authority
  • Early Islam & later Development
  • Contemporary sektarism
  • Islamic Philosophy and Theology (Kalaam)
  • Intra religious ‘multi’-logue
  • Cultural and religious diversity

More information.

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